Digital Experiences Matter More Than Ever

Consumers have come to expect seamless digital experiences across channels and devices, but delivering a consistent user experience -- one that preserves the user’s context -- can be challenging. Doing so requires a coordinated effort, a commitment to user experience design, and supporting systems and tools.  It requires a solid governance framework that establishes standards and prioritizes improvements to the customer experience through all digital touchpoints. 

Today, though, when more and more of our engagements are digital, it doesn't take an endless, ongoing budget to delight people. All an organization needs to do is care enough (once) to design it properly. To make a process that is easy to use, clearly labeled and well designed. -- Seth Godin

I'm Joe Keenan, and I have been helping nonprofit organizations and businesses design and build scalable digital systems, products and services for over 17 years.  I partner with you and your teams to create, implement, and refine the structure, roles, tools, and workflow to create agile operations that lead to increased engagement from your supporters and consistently higher ROI.

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Joe is our go-to person when it comes to digital optimization and improvement.  He’s a strategic and creative thinker but also excels at execution. His expertise in analytics, analysis and optimization have helped us identify opportunities and leverage our digital investments and assets.

Jenny Song, Director Digital/Web, Cancer Support Community

Joe worked effectively with staff  and stakeholders to identify the business goals and transform them into tangible, useful digital products. Joe has the ability to think strategically, but he also is very willing to roll up his sleeves and lead projects.

Sharon Jaycox-Daitz, VP Arthritis Foundation

Thank you for the all the times you advocated, whether it be for something we are specifically doing or trying to do, or just generally guiding these organizations to be thoughtful in how they approach and make decisions. It’s such an asset to have someone like you as a partner for these organizations.

Cameron Cook, VP Product Development, Blueprint Interactive