Digital Communications Agility


Our audiences now flow seamlessly through various digital channels and devices without blinking an eye. But our organizations and teams struggle to keep up — to deliver a seamless experience.  We recognize this digital transformation in the marketplace, but we are always a few steps or more behind in the workplace.  Likely, you are moving from project-to-project, tactic-to-tactic, and channel-to-channel, with little time to breathe.  I know, I’ve been there.

I help you move beyond the daily grind to develop effective, scalable programs, products, services and campaigns.  Here are some of the areas I have focused on:

  • Establishing a strong foundation for digital communication to thrive and innovate
  • Provide employees a framework inside of which they can operate with autonomy, make better decisions, and practice “smart failure” (testing, testing, testing)
  • Clearly articulate a digital strategy
  • Develop a roadmap to implement the strategy
  • Define the needed capacity — the right team, the right rize — needed to implement the strategy
  • Define the entire digital team to truly leverage experience and skill sets — the core team, digital skills or needed skills in other departments and units, the extended team of contractors, freelancers, and agencies
  • Establish cross-functional working groups to develop and refine standards, choose technologies
  • Evaluate existing tools and technology for digital communications and collaboration
  • Gather requirements for technology; write and manage RFPs

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