Working with Digital and Marcom Leaders


I work with Digital, Marcom and Development teams to create and manage systems for collaboration. Getting teams to work in harmony gets much better results.  I often work in a “bridging” role — this role typically serves as a producer or project manager to help develop business requirements or manage the expected business outcomes in step with the teams working on the programs and projects.

Here are some of the ways I help:

  • Develop multi-media content for programs, services or marketing purposes — always adhering to SEO best practices
  • Set up and train staff on the effective use of editorial calendars and workflow tools
  • Work with Digital and Marcom to define performance goals and metrics
  • Apply scrum/agilie metholodogies from the software development world to nonprofit program and marketing intiatives
  • Set up and train staff to effectively use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, including automated dashboards
  • Establish ongoing user-research programs (tools, training) for teams to learn how to improve digital assets and to supplement metrics reporting to senior staff and boards
  • Plan and produce website redesigns, microsites, and mobile app development with my agency and consulting partners
  • Fill in gaps for website management and content publishing for lean teams


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