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I work with clients on many different projects and engagements involving digital communications, tools, and technology, at all levels of organizations.   More often than not,  I see two strategic and operational commonalities in the growing digital ecosystems that our teams work in.


  • Businesses and nonprofits are now challenged to manage a growing suite of digital assets, with a need for standards and systems for managing their online “portfolios” and user-friendly tools for assessment and ROI analysis.  The tools teams use on a daily basis should be as user-friendly as the solutions we build for our customers and consituents.  We have a ways to go.


  • Where web teams were once focused exclusively on the website, their role now often encompasses enterprise content and communications, applications development, intranet or other internal portals and app, and of course the mix of social media.  To add to the challenge, most organizations manage all of this through a diverse team of core staff, distributed staff, consultants, freelancers and agencies.  Orchestrating this — and it indeed is like an orchestra of many talents — can be done.

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